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Y post application

Y post can be used to fasten the steel wire mesh,razor barbed wire and all kinds of fence.Use the fence post anchor stick into the ground directly.Y type post can be recovered and reuse.It’s a kind of eco friendly product. Steel Y posts are also commonly known as Waratah Standards and Star Pickets Commonly used for concrete boxing,temporary fencing and gardening applications Y post types: 1.Type:star picket,steel post,fence picket 2.Length:0.45-3.0m 3.Unitweight:1.25kg/m,1.38kg/m,1.58kg/m, 1.86kg/m, 1.9kg/m, 2.04kg/m 4.Packing:10pcs/Bundle,40bundles;400pcs/pallet 5.Material:carbon steel,metal material 6.surface: Hot dip galvanized/black tar dipped  7.Main Export:Australia/ New Zealand  8.Usage:forgarden,far and house to security and protect. … Read entire article »

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What’s Y post?

Star picket also called Australia Y Post for farm and industrial usage.Its mainly export to Australia and New Zealand and other countries nearby. Star picket also known as Y post,Spar Picket,Metal picket,steel Post,Steel Picket Fence Post,etc. Bitumen coated steel fence post.Hot dipped Galvanizing.PVC coated or UV Inhibitors.Surface Treatment:Hot dipped Galvanizing,PVC coated or Black Painted. … Read entire article »

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Star Picket/Y Post

Star Picket also called Australia Y Post for farm and industrial usage.It is mainly export to Australia,New Zealand,etc Y Fence Post is mainly export to Middle East market,such as Israel ,Palestine and also to South Africa market with very good quality.The post can have holes on it. Y Postis also black painted or hot-galvanized. … Read entire article »

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Y Post-U.S. Marine Corps Pfc.

  富士营,电焊苗床网,日本,09年11月7日 – 美陆战队12团侦察兵练习伪装观察技巧   U.S. Marine Corps Pfc. Travis English practices observation techniques using cover and concealment techniques and a homemade ghillie suit on Camp Fuji, Japan,Y Post, Nov. 7, 2009. English is a scout observer assigned to Echo Battery, 2nd Battalion,钢板网, 12th Marine Regiment. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Staff Sgt. Marc Ayalin … Read entire article »

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