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Welded Gabion Box Gabion,Reno Mattress

Gabion/Reno Mattress Information Gabion basket Gabion are baskets manufactured from 8×10 double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh, as per ASTM A975-97 Gabions are filled with stones at the project site to form flexible,fence post Barbed Wire,金網, permeable, monolithic structures such as retaining walls, channel linings,Welded Gabion Box, and weirs for erosion control projects. The steel wire used in the manufacture of the gabion is heavily Galfan (zinc-5% aluminum-mischmetal [Zn-5 Al-MM] alloy) coated soft temper steel. A PVC coating is then applied to provide additional protection for use in polluted,Stone Cage Expanded Metal Mesh,Gabion Mattress, contaminated or aggressive environments: in salt, fresh water, acid soil or wherever the risk of corrosion is present. The PVC coating has a nominal thickness of 0.02 in. (0.50 mm). The gabion is divided into cells … Read entire article »

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Welded Gabion Box Field Fence,Cattle Fence

Field Fence/Cattle Fence,t post Barbed Wire Information Field Fence, also called Cattle Fence, Sheep Fence,Gabion box with pvc coated, Grassland Fences, we offer have innovative and firm structure, flat surface, uniform opening and good integration. Field fence for cattle offer good flexibility; good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance properties and can serve for a very long time. Even the cut pieces will not deform under pressure. Cattle Fence has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-oxidizing property. Unlike the welded wire mesh fences with the welding spots getting easily broken, Wuthering field fences for cattle are firm forever once installed and make the best materials for protecting grassland,Welded Gabion Box, forestry,Gabion Mattress Expanded Metal Mesh,waratah fence post,wire mesh products Black Wire Cloth, highway and environments. Specification   … Read entire article »

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