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Welded Gabion Box Field Fence,Cattle Fence

Field Fence/Cattle Fence,t post Barbed Wire Information Field Fence, also called Cattle Fence, Sheep Fence,Gabion box with pvc coated, Grassland Fences, we offer have innovative and firm structure, flat surface, uniform opening and good integration. Field fence for cattle offer good flexibility; good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance properties and can serve for a very long time. Even the cut pieces will not deform under pressure. Cattle Fence has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-oxidizing property. Unlike the welded wire mesh fences with the welding spots getting easily broken, Wuthering field fences for cattle are firm forever once installed and make the best materials for protecting grassland,Welded Gabion Box, forestry,Gabion Mattress Expanded Metal Mesh,waratah fence post,wire mesh products Black Wire Cloth, highway and environments. Specification   … Read entire article »

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hesco bastion-Hesco Barrier for military-Wire Mesh

      •Spring wire :3mm,4mm,gabion box,5mm Specification: •Mesh wire :4mm-5mm •Packing: Wrapped with shrink film or packed in pallet.       •Panel Size: 0.6*0.6m,1*1m,1.2*1.2m,1.5*1.5m,1.5*2m,2*2m,2.21*2.13m or as your request Hesco Barrier for military  Product Details: Place of Origin Hebei, China (Mainland) Brand Name Qiaoshi Model Number Hesco Bastion Material Galvanized Iron Wire Type Welded Mesh Application Cages Hole Shape Square Aperture 60*60mm;75*75mm;100*100mm Material Galvanized Iron Wire Wire Gauge 4-5mm Product name Hesco barrier Aperture 75x75mm;50*50mm;100*100mm Panel size 2.21m*2.13m,1.37m*1.06m,0.61m*0.61m, Geotextile in heavy duty non-woven polypropylene Finish hot dipped galvanized, galvanzied coated after welded install Easy to handle and instal feature one High tensile and anti-impact capability feature two Long life, regular use usage Can be filled with sand, earth, cement, stone. Packing detail wrapped with shrink film or packed in pallet Payment & Shipping Terms: Price: FOB USD 1~200 / Set   Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable   Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Piece/Pieces one container   … Read entire article »

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Gabion box with pvc coated–Wire Mesh

,gabion box Steel Fence Post Information A steel fence post, also called (depending on design or country) a T Post,waratah fence post-Cross type-Wire Mesh, a Y Post, Star Picket,拦河坝-9000–Wire Mesh, is a type of fence post or picket. They are made of steel and are sometimes manufactured using durable rail steel. They can be used to support various types of wire or wire mesh. The end view of the post creates an obvious T,hesco bastion- -Wire Mesh, Y or other shape. The posts are driven into the ground with a manual or pneumatic post pounder. All along the post,Gabion box with pvc coated, along the spine, there are studs or nubs that prevent the barbed wire or mesh from sliding up or down the post. They are generally designated as 1.01, … Read entire article »

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石笼网-10000-Wire Mesh

,Gabion box with pvc coated Paper dry network Paper sludge dewatering 6000 156 Living sludge dewatering Chemical sludge dewatering 69-75 Iron and steel industry sludge dewatering Living sludge dewaterin WNW14803 47 185 Sludge, Squeeze juice 200 240 1430 kg/cm 340 9000- 10000 48 0.9 0.75 g/�O   jing WNW16803 50-55 WNW121054 8500 210 220 0.9 265 240 0.75 1180 WNW22903 8000 130-140 0.7 94 1350 Viscosity of the larger Sludg 0.9 8500- 10000 Strength wei Washing reticulu 12000 650 1400 26.4 1800 Living sludge dewatering 160 m3/m2h 280 8000 90 Sludge Dewatering Belt 46-50 1000 0.8 78 1650 0.7 47 Sludge Dewatering … Read entire article »

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Gabion box with pvc coated- hexagonal perforations-Wire Mesh

Perforated mesh Information Applications: Perforated metal screen sheet is mainly used in oil field drilling, mine screening,拦河坝, engineering, sifting of grains, decorations and designs of buildings. Perforated metal sheet is used for oil filters,石笼网,拦河坝-as a wire obstacle-Wire Mesh, as fencing screen for expressway,Gabion box with pvc coated, railway and other construction facilities,Stone Cage, used in workshops as well as other constructions as sound isolation sheet, decorative sheet for stairs, environmental tables and chairs,fence post–Wire Mesh, sifting in grains, feed and mines. Perforated metal screen sheet is also used in making of kitchenware such as fruit basket,gabion-24 inches-Wire Mesh, food cover, etc.   Perforation patterns: Round perforations, square perforations, slotted perforations, fish scale perforations, hexagonal perforations, cross perforations as well as some other special patterns. Perforated … Read entire article »

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Gabion Mattress–Wire Mesh

 ,Welded Gabion Box Barbed Wire Information A person or animal trying to pass through or over barbed wire will suffer discomfort and possibly injury. Barbed wire fencing requires only fence post, wire,gabion, and fixing devices such as staples Specification Barbed wire, also known as barb wire ,Gabion Mattress, is a type of fencing wire constructed with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strand(s). It is used to construct inexpensive . It is simple to construct and quick to erect,Gabion box with pvc coated, even by an unskilled person fences and is used atop walls surrounding secured property. It is also a major feature of the fortifications in trench warfare (as a wire obstacle). Gauge of Strand and Barb in B.W.G. Approximate … Read entire article »

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gabion-Gabion-Hesco Barrier

Gabion and Rock Mattress Australia Wide All Sizes All Coatings ISO Quality Gabion Geotextiles, Geogrids, Gabions & GCL’s. Drainage & Erosion Control. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh Australian wide supply. Large range StainlessStee l WireMesh Wire Mesh, Gabion,Gabion box with pvc coated, Gabiony, Hesco Barriers,hesco barriers, Rock Boxes,Welded Gabion Box, Fence Post,razor wire, Star Picket, Fence, Field Fence, Grassland Fence Tel: +86 3118 7733 505 Fax: +86 3118 7733 508 Mail: … Read entire article »

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gabion-Flood Line-Hesco Barrier

Flood Line Information Flood Line F-3315 A geotextile-lined unit for use in flood-protection applications. The design of these units reduces permeability of the wall, when filled. Flood Line units are designed for easy removal and are suitable for filling with earth, sand, or well-graded gravel. Flood Line units may also be used in other applications. There are two standard sizes of Flood Line units: F-3315 and F-4315, as shown. … Read entire article »

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