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Binding wire is also known as tie wire or bale wire. It is widely used in construction, packing and industry. Binding wire materials have galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, PVC coated wire, brass wire, aluminum wire and so on. Binding wire packing types are coils, spools or pallet. Black annealed binding wire is made of carbon steel wire, used for weaving, baling in general, Applied for home use and the construction. Galvanized iron binding wire is made of super quality iron wire, can be divided into electro galvanized iron wire and hot dipped galvanized iron wire. Galvanized iron tie wire is mainly used as tie wire for construction. Cotton bale tie wire is also named quick link bale ties. Our Cotton bale tie wire is manufactured using high tensile wire. Quick link … Read entire article »

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fence posts-Binding wire

Bundling products of wire,六角网-Military Barriers,Hesco Bastions, rod, wood tube, cane, PVC,雷诺护垫, etc; An inexpensive packaging for storage or quantity control and for binding line wire to fence posts or securing mesh to line wires or even repairs; Fixing or reinforcing steel for buildings, swimming pools, etc; Packaging of carpets,Gabion Mattress, fabrics, etc.,mesh wires-Nails, for storage and dispatch. Usage: Securing trees, vines and creepers to supports and trellises,电焊网片, or even erecting and joining support structures; Tying bags for grain potatoes, wood, lime, coal, seed,fence-Barbed Wire, chemical, etc., or even as a mail or laundry bag seal; We can produce tie wire at length: 4″-14″, at diameter from 0.8mm to 1.6mm. Binding wire … Read entire article »

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