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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

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Name of product:Silk screen material of stainless steel 304 304L 316 316L

Weave:The plain weaving and weaving with the twill.

Performance:It is strong to be acidproof , alkali-resisting , is able to bear high temperature , pulling force and wearability

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Use:It is sieved and filtered under the acid, environmental condition of alkali that used in . Petroleum industry make mud network , chemical fibre industry is it sift filter screen , electroplate industry act as network of pickling to make.
    Stencil plate network which our factory produces, in order to be used in the wide heavy shipyard of Guangzhou extensively , the use is suffused with enclosing , Workbench, the escalator, the corridor , and the greenbelt of Guangzhou is protected and blocked, guardrail network of the expressway , the frontier line of Shenzhen isolates the network , and the mechanical equipment is protected , the handicraft making , the civil construction criticizes and swings the network , environmental protection dustbin . ( the ultra wide flattenning machine flattens the stencil plate network and is used in the ironing board , the machinery of the hardware is protected , flatten the stencil plate network , Look natural, beautiful . Different materials (stainless steel , aluminium boards , coppers , three-ply boards , zinc-plated boards , electrolytic board , titanium board ) ,etc..


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