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Razor barbed wire

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In China,the majority of razor barbed wire factory manufacture galvanized wire or PVC coated  wire into barbed wire.This method can increase the efficiency of producing barbed wire.But sometimes there is a abuse:the barbed wire is not fixed. With the development of technology, some manufacturers start to use the embossing process,it makes the wire surface is not smooth than before,but greatly improved the stability between razor and wire.

Razor barbed wire usually used for prison.Because of the sharp blade,nobody touch it.It plays a deterrent role.Razor barbed wire can be used for wall protection of residents,but also can be used to protect. All the countries over the world have razor wire are widely used in national industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartments, the border post, military, prison, government agencies, banks, railway, highway guardrail as well as the border.
According to the different installation methods can be divided into: (a snake belly) screw type bit, line type, plate type,welded razor barbed wire panel.

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