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QIAOSHI – Hesco Bastion – Engineered Force Protection

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hesco bastionQIAOSHI – Hesco Bastion – Engineered Force Protection

QIAOSHI – Hesco Bastion has been manufacturing force protection products since 2003. Its most successful product, the Concertainer unit, has been acknowledged as the most significant development in field fortification since the Second World War.

Hesco Barrier products have been used in many countries around the world including Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Jordan, UAE and Turkey. Most military organisations currently use QIAOSHI Bastion products including the US Army, UK MOD, USMC, USAF and NATO.

In addition to the standard Concertainer unit, HESCO is constantly developing its portfolio of products in response to its customers requirements.

Multi-cellular wall system force protection product

The Concertainer unit is a multi-cellular wall system manufactured from welded Zinc-Alu coated steel wire mesh and joined with vertical, helical coil joints. The units are lined with heavy-duty non-woven polypropylene geotextile.

The Concertainer unit’s primary advantage over other force protection systems is its ability to utilise locally available fill material to rapidly construct defensive barriers and other structures with minimal manpower and resources.

Units can be extended and joined together to provide effective and economical structures tailored to the specific threat and level of protection required. Concertainer units are available in a variety of different sizes and delivery systems.

Rapid in-theatre deployment container for expeditionary operations

RAID (rapid in-theatre deployment) has been designed to reduce the requirement for valuable manpower and equipment during the execution phase of expeditionary operations, such as the construction of FOBs and patrol bases.

RAID utilises a specially designed and engineered container to provide significant increases in the quantity of Concertainer units that can be transported in a 20ft ISO container footprint.

Deployment is easy and can be carried out using in-service material handling equipment such as wheeled and tracked earthmoving equipment, wheeled logistic vehicles or wheeled and tracked combat vehicles.

The unit being deployed is connected into a length of 2m x 203m (for RAID 1) or 1m x 333m (for RAID 7). These lengths can be easily split, providing excellent flexibility during construction. Corners can be formed, more units can be joined, and gaps in the wall can be created if required. The ability to split units provides the benefit of deploying only what is required; the remainder is left inside the secure RAID container for future use.

Protected accommodation for harsh mission environments

HESCO have developed a system that provides protected accommodation in harsh mission environments, such as those experienced in FOBs and patrol bases.

HAB is designed to house up to eight personnel, providing each with a personal space measuring 2m x 2m. HAB has sidewalls of specifically developed Concertainer units and a lightweight aluminium roof. It has been tested extensively against the effects of IDF weapons.

HAB 2 is a development of the HAB 1 concept, offering an improved level of protection for its occupants. HAB 2 is configured to allow easy access for emergency medical equipment, making it ideal for use as a front-line medical facility. Its components are completely reusable and the improved design provides a more useable interior space.

IDF protective bunker roof

HESCO have developed the HLBR (HESCO lightweight bunker roof), a rapid and easily erectable lightweight roof specifically designed to provide protection against IDF weapons. The roof can be built on almost any walls capable of taking the load that the roof will impose upon it.

Personnel and material bunkers

These HESCO bunker sets have been developed to utilise 40ft and 20ft ISO containers. Walls are constructed using specifically adapted Mil 1 Concertainer units to give a protective wall thickness of in excess of 1m. The roof design provides 0.6m of overhead cover. Material bunkers provide access from one end of the bunker, while personnel bunkers provide access from both ends.

Protection for sentries

The components of the HESCO guard post set provide a small protective emplacement with 0.6m walls and 0.45m of overhead cover. Embrasure (firing/observation point) forms are included in the set as are roof joists and roofing material. The interior space is 1.2m by 1.8m, with 1.98m of headroom.

Re-deployable security fencing

The HRSF (HESCO re-deployable security fence) has been developed by HESCO in order to provide a rapidly erectable anti-climb fence that requires no special tools or training, no ‘digging in’ of fence posts, and can be re-deployed with minimal effort. Available in three heights of 2.4m, 3.1m and 3.6m, all with an anti-climb front face. HRSF is rated to PAS 68 and will withstand attack from a light vehicle.

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