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Military Bastions new modern barriers – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 9

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Military Barriers / Hesco Bastions / Military Bastions /Hesco Barriers

Recently a review was done here of Pro-Arts new modern barriers. These are called Hesco Bastions. The ones made by Pro Art are very nice, but you can make your own quite easily with common supplies. They’re not that difficult. 
You need screen (the stuff in your windows), some plasticard or even cardboard woyuld do Military Bastions, and some nylon cloth. Using the dimensions from QiaoShi’s web site, to build the medium size bastions, here is what you do……………

Scaled down to 1/35 ,

the front, back steel grating, and sides are 42 inches wide which is 3.04 cm
the height is 54 inches which scales down to 3.9 cm.

Cut out your cardboard or plastic card to these dimensions, and glue them 

cover your plastic card or cardboard with your nylon, but leave a little excess at the 
top. you can use white glue to attach your fabric if your using cardboard.

cut your screen to cover around your bastions from top to bottom steel fence post, but dont 
attach it yet.

Next, paint the fabric part of your bastions a light gray color, and paint your 
screen a metal color. I like Model Master Steel, but you can use whatever you 

Once your paint is dry stone box, you can now cover your cloth bastions with screen and 
glue them together. try to make your seam somewhere inconspicuous. If you look 
at pictures, you will notice there is a rod that goes on each corner. If you 
want to add this detail, you can simply cut a paper clip to length (the straight 
part), and insert it between the cloth and the screen, and glue it in place. 

Remember the little cloth flap we left at the top??? well gabion mattress, now Military Bastion, you simply fold 
it over the outside of the bastion. If you havent painted it, do so now.

Finally, fill your bastion with yout favorite trash. Maybe sand gabion mat, dirt from outside razor fence, little bits of 1/35 scale gravel razor wire, whatever 
you like. Your done. And while you spent a little time Stainless Steel Grating, you also saved a 
little money. Unless of course your building a bunker, then you saved a lot of 
money LOL And you can say you built it yourself

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