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Irap War Memory

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The Iraqi soldiers standing in  front of the Hesco Barrier to memorize the soldiers who died in the war.

Hesco Barrier

Hesco Barrier

QIAOSHI HESCO BARRIER-Manufacture & Exporter

QIAOSHI Hesco Barrier as protective containers assembled welded wire mesh panel and linked with heavy duty geotextile mainly application Perimeter security and Military defence wall,Civil Flood control.

Hesco containers dimensions as following:Hole size:3”×3” (76.2mm×76.2mm)Wire diameter:4-5mm Join pin&Spring wire:3mm or 4mm.Material:Al-zinc coated wire or Hot dipped galvanized wire.Geotextile:0.08” thickness heavy duty No.-woven polypropylene.Color:Gray,Sand Color,Military Color or according to your request.Packing: Wrapped with shrink film or packed in wooden pallet.

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