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Hexagonal wire mesh Material: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, PVC wire, copper wire
Weaving: straight twist, twist, twist, the first plating, after plating the first series, is divided into hot-dipped galvanized, electric galvanized, PVC coated and so.
Characteristics: strong structure, smooth surface, good anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation characteristics
Uses: used for feeding chickens, ducks, geese, rabbit and zoo fence, machinery and equipment protection, highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road green belt protection net. The mesh in the production of a box-shaped containers, cages filled with rocks, etc., can be used to protect and support seawall, slope, Luqiao, reservoirs and other civil engineering, is a good material for flood control and flood.
Six hexagonal metal wire woven angular network (hexagonal) made of barbed wire, the use of metal diameter is based on the size of hexagonal varies. If it is metal galvanized hexagonal wire layer, then use the line diameter of 0.3mm to 2.0mm metal line, if it is six mesh wire PVC coated woven, use the outside diameter of 0.8mm to 2.6mm PVC (metal) line. Screw in hexagon, outer edge of the line can be made into unilateral, bilateral, side wire can activity.
(1) easy to use, only need to use can be wall, cement net flat surface of;
(2) the construction is simple, do not need special technology;
(3) has the very strong resist natural damage and corrosion resistance and resistance to bad weather ability;
(4) can withstand large range of deformation, but still the collapse. Fixed insulation effect;
(5) based on excellent technology to ensure the uniformity of coating thickness, corrosion resistance;
(6) save transportation cost. Can be compressed into small volume, and involved in moistureproof, occupies little space.
(7) the heavy six angle is made of high quality low carbon steel wire galvanized large silk weaving, the tensile strength of steel wire not less than 38kg/m2, wire diameter is 2.0mm-3.2mm, the surface of steel wire is also usually use galvanized, galvanized layer thickness according to customer request system, plating zinc content can reach 300g/m2 at most.
(8) galvanized wire plastic bag six angle net is coated with a layer of PVC protection layer on the surface of galvanized iron wire, and then woven into a six angle of various specifications. This layer of PVC protective layer will greatly increase the service life of network, and through the choice of different colors, so that it can and the surrounding natural environment of integration.

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