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HESCO Hesco Barrier set up along the coast – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 4

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Members of the National Guard were at the Dauphin Island last Sunday studded post, making every effort to protect the oil. To do this welded gabion box, they have invested Hesco Barrier along the coastline of Dauphin Island.

"They have three legs Military Barriers, some of them have four legs and put them on the beach steel fence post, of course razor wire, civilian contractors for us and bring a solution that will make a tour of the oil in a solid once it enters into contact with this decision wire mesh," said Capt. Mark Young fence post, the National Guard.

On Wednesday gabiony, members of the National Guard put four miles hesco bastion barrier at Dauphin Island. More Hesco Barrier must be taken to Dauphin Island on Thursday.


Hesco Barrier Concertainer devices consist of a steel mesh framework lined with a material and filled with local materials.

When they are filled Bar Grating, cellular structure acts as a retaining wall.

Hesco Barrier were used in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina to fill gaps in their system of dams.

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QiaoShi’s Hesco Barrier set up along the coast

QiaoShi’s Hesco Barrier – USGovernment hoped that the system that was used in New Orleans field fence, to protect the coast from Hurricane Katrina, will help protect the island dolphin oil.

We are the perofessional manufacturers of Civil Engineering, Road Construction and Military Installations.
Tel: 0086 3118 7733 505 Fax: 0086 3118 7733 508

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