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Flood Wall-Visit to 1st Armoured Combat Engineers – Gabion Barrier 5

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Visit to 1st Armoured Combat Engineers razor wire-Regiment fortify an Afghan Highway Poli挡水墙
11th Oct Flood Wall Military Barriers Hesco Bastions Technical Information, Baumholder razor wire, Germany

HESCO staff  recently paid a visit to Alpha Company of the 40th Armoured Combat Engineers at their base in Baumholder. The 1st Armoured have recently returned from deployment in Iraq 石笼网 gabiony-CROW VALLEY, Republic of the Philippines, where they were engaged in building base perimeter security 防洪墙, amongst other operations.

Pictured is Jonathan Bird with Cpl. Samperisi Hesco Barriers-CROW VALLEY, Republic of the Philippines – Gabion Barrier 0, who alone has filled an estimated 15 防爆墙,000 cells of Concertainer Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion , together with his front loader Unimog, affectionately named Larissa. Special mention must go to Sgt. Brian Jellison gabion boxes, who originally contacted Hesco to tell us of the exploits of his hard working Corporal.

Jonathan and Tom presented the whole brigade with specially designed t-shirts bearing the 40th Armoured crest, and a range souvenirs as a ‘thank you’ for their efforts Hesco Bastion, and for using our products.

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