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Field Fence Also called the grassland fence net, is a widely used in America and Europe for the protection of ecological balance, prevent landslides, animal husbandry fence, especially in the rainy mountain with a layer of sunscreen 120 grams of nylon cloth barrier sediment so rapid development in recent years in the net outside sewing.

A:Characteristics of fence:

1 fence grassland fence made of high strength galvanized steel wire braid, high strength pull, can impact withstand cattle and horses, sheep and other livestock. Safe and reliable.
2 fence grassland mesh wire, galvanized corrugated ring surface, the other parts are taking the rust corrosion, can work in harsh environment, life of up to 20 years.
3 fence grassland net woven weft take rolling wave process, enhance the elasticity and buffering function,
  Can adapt to the deformation and thermal expansion of the. The fence always maintain tension state.
4 fence fence has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, short construction period, small volume and light weight.

B:Fence use:

Mainly used for grassland pastoral area, can be built around grassland and implement fixed-point grazing, sub-field grazing. For the intended use of grassland resources, effectively improve the grassland utilization and efficiency of grazing, preventing the degradation of grassland, protecting the natural environment. At the same time also applies with agricultural college, and the establishment of family farms set up the frontier, farmland circle bar, forest nursery, afforestation, mesocosm tourism zone and the hunting zone, the construction site isolation and maintenance.  Tel:+86 0311 87733505

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