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fence post fence post – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 4

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We offers decorative caps for the gabionyfence posts, panel to post connectors and security screws. We also have latches and hinges for the the gates, along with a variety of other accessories to assist you.


  Fence Posts – Qiaoshi Wire Mesh Factory

We are specialists in the manufacture T post, supply of perimeter security fencing and products. We manufacture wire in sizes that are typically applied for fencing purpose. All mesh sizes use above 2mm wire. The smallest mesh square we manufacture is 25mm x 25mm.The largest is 150mm x 300mm studded post,pricing on application.
Mainly used for batch of civil works, raising of chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and as guardrails of zoo field fence, for the protection of oil field mechanical equipment steel fence post, as express highway guardrail Military Bastion, sports place fender HESCO, road afforestation belt protective gauze gabion boxes, also used in building industry, as reinforcing bars for roads and bridge. Surface treatment: zinc immersion, powder coating, zinc electroplating Military Bastions, painting (optional).

Clips and accessories

Fence Posts are made for durability. The two inch square tube with .120 wall (approximately 11-gauge) is powder-coat processed to ensure a hard finish. We offers two post options: 1. Set the post two feet in the ground or 2. Secure the post with mounting plate to concrete pad or footing. Mounting plate includes four pre-drilled holes for 3/8" bolts. Panels can be easily cut to fill a smaller opening or it stair-stepping down a hill. Panel to post connectors slide into horizontal top and bottom panel rails for easy attachment. The self drilling screws secure the panel to the post. (When cutting a panel barbed wire, panel to post connectors are required). Optional decorative caps are available to enhance the overall look. Security screws are also available.

We are the perofessional manufacturers of Civil Engineering, Road Construction and Military Installations.
Tel: 0086 3118 7733 505 Fax: 0086 3118 7733 508

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