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expanded metal Aluminum Expanded Mesh

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Aluminum Expanded Mesh

We produces a variety of Expanded Aluminum Metal in standard,Black Wire Cloth Black Wire Cloth,Small Coil Wire,Basket Filters Basket filters, heavy, flattened or special patterns, designs, sizes for customers choices. You are always welcome to contact us with your most specific requirements.

Expanded Aluminum Metal has many advantages over carbon expanded steel and stainless including lighter weight and better corrosion resistance.

Expanded Aluminum Metal we offered is further divided into different grades:

1.Expanded Aluminum Metal, Standard Rhombic Shaped

2.Expanded Aluminum Metal, Heavy Type (Tortoise-shaped)

3.Expanded Aluminum Metal, Flattended Type

4.Micron Expanded Metal in Aluminum Foil

5.Expanded Aluminum Metal,Brass Wire Mesh Brass Wire Mesh, Special Types

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