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Chain link fence aka lozenge network, silk screen, adjustable nets, stainless steel hook flower net, galvanized hook flower net, plastic coated hook flower net, plastic coated (PVC), hook flower net, high quality wire mesh material PVC wire, stainless steel wire, high quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, iron wire, etc Weaving and characteristics:Woven mesh uniform, smooth surface, concise, hook weaving and become, beautiful and easy;Mesh quality, net of the width and the wire diameter thicker, not easy corrosion, long service life and strong practicability.
Extensive used in highway, railway, highway guardrail net facilities. Also used in interior decoration, raising chicken, duck, geese, rabbits and zoo fence. Mechanical equipment of the fence, mechanical equipment transmission networks. Sports venues fence, the road greening fence. The screen to make into a container of a box shape, fill the cages with rocky and so on, become a stone cage nets. Also used to protect and support seawall, slope, road and bridge, reservoirs and other civil engineering. Is the superior material of the flood control and flood fighting. Can also be used for arts and crafts manufacturing. Protective fixture, tool room, cold storage, warehouse, ocean fishing fencing and fixed slope construction site fences, river, soil (rock), residential security protection, etc.

Qiao shi wire mesh factory mainly manufacture chain link fence more than 15 years.Our products have passed ISO,we can ensure the quality with the competitive price.If you have any inquiry,please let me

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