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chemical Binding wire

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We can produce tie wire at length: 4"-14", at diameter from 0.8mm to 1.6mm.

Securing trees,chemical Carbon Black, vines and creepers to supports and trellises, or even erecting and joining support structures;
Tying bags for grain potatoes, wood,chemical chemical, lime, coal, seed,chemical chemical, chemical, etc., or even as a mail or laundry bag seal;

Bundling products of wire, rod, wood tube, cane, PVC, etc;
An inexpensive packaging for storage or quantity control and for binding line wire to fence posts or securing mesh to line wires or even repairs;

Fixing or reinforcing steel for buildings, swimming pools, etc;
Packaging of carpets, fabrics, etc.,电镀锌电焊网, for storage and dispatch.

binding wire  binding wire

binding wire  binding wire



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