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Angle Bead

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Corner bead may grom streight side on the edge line of plaster project to fight break or chap and to protect and strengthen the most fragile part of the plaster.
Its wing may enter the plaster in depth inany edge line stongly.
Corner bead is very important for whitewash for plaster,using it in the construction of building and the finish of building may cause the corner place easy to
destroy ,make construction easy and may save plenty of time.

Standard Angle Bead provides straight corners for the walls when used over irregular surfaces.Plaster bead is used to effectively terminate plaster edge in a straight line at doors,windows and other openings, also used when plaster meets dissimilar material.
Stop Bead provides more surface area to receive sealants, protects insulation boards while applying sealants or primers. Used with all thickness of insulation boards.
Stop bead enhances appearance of straight edges.Angle Bead can also be made of perforated metal.

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