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Site Trial Before Permanent Installation of Gabions Works

 Prior to commencing placing of gabions, it is important to carry out a site trial using the materials, equipment and working procedures using for the permanent gabions installed works. The trial shall be located off the permanent works in a position to be agreed with the Engineer. The trial shall include a minimum of two rows of gabions baskets, each ten baskets long with associated reinforcement. The working methods shall cover the following:  - placing and wiring baskets  - tensioning course of baskets  - filling with stone, installing bracing  - wiring down lids  - placing and connecting gabion mesh reinforcement  - placing asphalt  - quality control of materials  - removing spilt asphalt. Before commencing the site trial, the Contractor shall submit in writing his proposals for carrying out the trials for the approval of the Engineer. On completion of the trial … Read entire article »

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