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Steel grating is carrying flat steel and bars.It was arranged in accordance with a certain distance cross and welded to a metal with a square lattice of intermediate products.Steel grating platform usually being used to do trench cover,ladders treads,ceiling and other buildings.The common material of steel gratings are carbon steel or stainless steel. Expanded metal grating provides secure footing for walkways,catwalks,floors,platforms,and stair treads.Light in weight,high strength,low in cost,heavy duty grating prevents wasteful over design.Savings of up to 50% over other steel grating alternatives are not uncommon.Job cutting and fitting can easily be done by one or two people with the proper cutting and welding equipment. Our factory can supply such specifications as follows: 1/2 × # 20 PR 1/2 × # 18 PR 1/2 × # 16 PR 3/4 × # 13 PR 3/4 × # 16 … Read entire article »

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