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gabion basket Window Screening

Window Screening Window Screening, also written as Wire Netting, is mainly used in hotels, public buildings, civil residences against bugs,HeBei Gabion Factory Carbon Black, insects, etc. Wire Materials of Window Screening (Wire Netting): Mild steel wire, stainless steel wire, Al-mg alloy wire, galvanized iron wire,hesco bastion Caustic Soda, PVC wire,star picket Carbon Black, aluminum wire, chemical fiber. Benefits of Window Screening: Light weight, good flexibility and easy cleaning. Assortments: Galvanized Iron Window Screening Enamelled Iron Window Screening Aluminum Window Screening PVC Coated Window Screening Fiberglass Window Screening If you need to consult the?price, please contact the business department by e-mail: Tel: 086-3118-7733-505 Fax: 086-3118-7733-508 E-mail: Address: 2-1-2804, Wanlong International Business,gabion basket, Shijiazhuang City, China.   … Read entire article »

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